JANUARY 2020 class schedule




Class Schedule...

Class placement is at the discretion of the Legacy Dance Studio Staff. Please keep in mind that your child's best interests are taken seriously. We are committed to making sure your child is placed in a class at the appropriate level to ensure  she/he will be challenged but not overwhelmed. Each student progresses at his/her own pace and should not be compared to another child, as talent and ability varies. Part of our job is to make sure students are not bored with their class, but also to make sure they are not overwhelmed either; If we see this to be the case, it will certainly be addressed. We do like to share with parents that dance is a discipline and, at times, students may not move as quickly as they see themselves, AS THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS IN DANCE, but hopefully parents will allow the technical process to work and and understand that proper technique develops over time, and remember...the fastest way to advance is to be punctual and  consistent in all of your classes!


Classes for students with and without dance experience!

Our Combination Classes Include: 

Kinderdance I  (ages 3-4)

Kinderdance II (ages 5-6)

Pre-dance  (ages 7-8)

These are 1 hour combination classes of pre-ballet and tap designed to  introduce children to the joy of dance!  Kinderdance is a basic, fundamental ballet & tap class for children of this age group. It focuses on the basic arm and feet positions, skipping, leaping, and many other fundamental motor skills. Students progress as they age into the next level of classes. Pre-dance classes add to the  challenge for students ages 7 & 8 and continue to build on the fundamentals of kinderdance technique and begin to introduce more technical skills, vocabulary and technique. 

Our Beginning and Advanced- Beginning Classes Include:

Primary Level (ages 8-12)

Level I (ages 10/up)

Primary level is for the absolute beginner! WE LOVE BEGINNER STUDENTS! Please join our award winning staff as we train and build your foundation with the great technique that Legacy students are known for! Level I classes are for the Advanced Beginner, students must have a minimum of 1 year dance training and meet the minimum age requirement of 9 and above to dance at this level.

Our Intermediate and Advance Level Classes include:

Level II (ages 11/up)

Level III (ages 12/up)

These classes are for students with 2 or more years of serious dance training after the age of 9. Students must be equipped with all fundamental skills depending of the genre and be able to execute properly and demonstrate competence in a particular subject. Students who are not able to keep up will be asked to move to another level that is designed to train and facilitate learning at the dancer's present skill level and ability.

Our Teen & Adult Level Classes include:

Teens (ages 13/up)

Adults (ages 18/up)

This age category includes dancers who have little or no experience through advance levels. We are able to train our teens and adults in mixed level classes and the results are progressive; so do not allow your age to inhibit your dance growth, come and take class with us! IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO BEGIN DANCE LESSONS!

Jazz I & II, "Just Fine" Choreographed by Miss Brooke!

Jazz I & II, "Just Fine" Choreographed by Miss Brooke!


Legacy 2018 National Champions! "Heartbreak Hotel" choreographed by own very own Miss Erica! Orlando

Our Competitive Dance Teams...

Competitive dance is a big commitment for the student as well as the parent. Students are required to take a minimum number of classes, take additional workshop and Master Classes and attend rehearsals that may not be during the regular schedule.  

Competitors perform dances in any of several permitted dance styles—such as acro, ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, modern, musical theater, and tap—before a common group of judges. Competition season typically begin in January and end in July but the preparation is year round! There are many benefits to being on a competitive team including high-intensity training and a more comprehensive level of exposure to many forms of dance, team-building, self-confidence and a host of other advantages for the serious-minded student...won't you join us this year!

Legacy Charms

Ages 5 - 7 must have at least 1 year dance experience; these are Advance Beginner level students. Requirements include  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tumbling . Students are encouraged to take other forms of dance like lyrical and modern.

Legacy Gemstones

Ages 8-10  - these are Advanced Beginner/Intermediate level students required to take  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Tumbling & Modern. Students are encouraged to take additional classes like Lyrical, Hip Hop and Cecchetti.

Legacy Pendants

Ages 9-12 - These students are  Intermediate level students required to take  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, & Tumbling. Students are encouraged to take other subjects like Lyrical, Contemporary, Cecchetti and Hip Hop!

Legacy Tiaras

Ages 11-13 - These students are Intermediate/Advanced level students required to take Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary & Tumbling.  Students are encouraged to enroll in other subjects like Lyrical,  Cecchetti, Pointe and Hip Hop! 

Legacy Jewels & Crown Jewels

Ages 11/up - these students are Intermediate level (Jewels) & Advanced level (Crown Jewels) required to take Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Tumbling & Pointe.   Students are encouraged to enroll in other subjects like Lyrical,  Cecchetti and Hip Hop and attend many outside Master Classes and Workshops to enhance training!  



These groups specialize in just one style of dance, unlike competition groups which focus on 3/more!

Legacy Junior "Medallions"

This is our Junior Hip Hop Group, ages 7-11. Class requirements include Hip-Hop, Jazz and Tumbling! 

Legacy Senior "Medallions"

This is our Senior Hip Hop Group, ages 11/up. Class requirements include Hip-Hop, Jazz and Tumbling!  

Legacy "Tradition" Youth Jr. Tap Ensemble

This is our Junior Tap Group, ages 7-11. Class requirements include Tap Technique and Tap Company Class! 

Legacy "Heritage" Youth Sr. Tap Ensemble

This is our Senior Tap Group, ages 11/up. Class requirements include Tap Technique and Tap Company Class!

Legacy "Diamonds" Contemporary Ballet Company

This is our Advanced Ballet Company. Class requirements include, Ballet, Cecchetti, Pointe, Contemporary, Lyrical and Modern! Ages 13/up