Attire & Dress Code


Policies & Guidelines


Welcome to Legacy Dance Studio

 We are just delighted to have you join our dance family and excited about the possibilities of what this year will bring. We are here to help in any way possible and to guide you through the process of the year. We strive to have an open door policy and we invite your comments, suggestions, concerns and even your criticism; as this is the only way we can address matters quickly and continue to bring you the service you deserve. We thank you for your patronage, as we know you have many choices and we are pleased you have chosen Legacy Dance Studio to mentor your child’s dance education.  Please take a moment to read further so that you have an idea of what to expect from your new Legacy Dance family! 

Dance Attire

 Please refer to the Class Attire Sheet for specifics on the dress code. 

The mandatory dress code is designed​ to enhance the unity and appearance of our students, which ultimately instills proper dance discipline, etiquette and uniformity. Female students should wear their hair off the neck and face and styled into a neat bun. Additionally, students should not wear any jewelry or chew gum in class. The Dress Code Policy is strictly enforced. Students in violation are given an initial verbal and/or written notice; subsequent violations require students to observe class until the Dress Code Policy can be properly followed.  Parents in Primary/up levels must sign off on this policy!

Inclement Weather

Please check your Legacy Family Portal for information on inclement weather. We follow the Southfield Public School Policy for closing in the event of bad weather, when schools are closed, so are we. There is no refund for inclement weather, only make-up classes are granted. Our first concern is safety and it is ultimately the parent's decision regarding class attendance during inclement weather at any given time.  

Attendance & Student Conduct


Students are allowed 2 two make-up classes per semester and should contact us if the student is going to be tardy or absent. Students will be asked to observe class if more than 15 minutes late.   


Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and in a disciplined manner; this is inclusive of verbal interactions as well as electronic communication to others. Running, playing or misuse of the dance studio will not be tolerated. Siblings & friends are not permitted to be in the dance studio unsupervised. Students are not permitted to roam the Plaza and must sign out/in upon leaving for lunch.